Video how to make Zucchini Pasta with Herbed Cream Sauce

Zucchini pasta It’s not that I’m completely void of all food coloring.  I wish I could remove it from my children’s diet all together, but I think it’s nearly impossible.  But for St Patrick’s Day I am determined to try new ways of incorporating green that are completely natural.  Of everything I prepared, the natural green cupcakes were the biggest hit.  But this zucchini pasta with asparagus and peas, sautéed in a […] Read Full Post

Green Tea Popcorn

Matcha popcorn Matcha is a trendy ingredient right now on the food circuit, but the green tea has been enjoyed by the Japanese and health gurus everywhere for centuries.  Besides the health benefits of the powdered green tea, such as the powerful antioxidant EGCG, it is also a healthy way of adding green coloring, naturally, to your food.  This is a fun snack to keep on hand, my kids and husband loved […] Read Full Post

Mushroom Quiche and other Mood Boosting Foods

Mushroom Spinach Quiche Slice I’m so over February.  It’s cold, gloomy, dreary, and here in Dallas we just got an extra blast of sleet and snow.  Ya, my mood is pretty blah.  Luckily I’m cooking foods which naturally boost your mood and energy simply by eating them! We often assume supplements and vitamins are the key to boosting mood naturally, but in fact, the foods we eat can affect how we feel emotionally.  Don’t […] Read Full Post

Grilled Flank Steak Reinvented 3 Ways

Flank Steak Grilled and Sliced Flank steak is often overlooked, mostly because I think people don’t know what to do with it.  It’s not only an inexpensive cut of meat, it’s thin so it cooks quickly (perfect for weeknight dinners) and is versatile.  I marinate it on a Sunday after I’ve done my grocery shopping for the week.  I grill it on Monday and serve it with veggies and couscous or quinoa. But the best […] Read Full Post

Lamb Burgers with Herb Roasted Tomatoes

Lamb burgers and herbed tomatoesI’m craving sunshine on my bare shoulders, outdoor dinners and crisp glasses of white wine, anything that reminds me that summer is around the corner.  Unfortunately it’s February, and it feels like those sunglasses will have to wait another month.  But I can cook a weeknight dinner using my new indoor grill and create the flavors of summer tonight! This lamb burger recipe is a take on the kebabs my […] Read Full Post

Penne with Kale and Sausage for a Quick Weeknight Dinner

kale and sausage pasta   Yesterday was sunny and warm, and I loved the brief break from cold weather.  But this morning I woke up this to another freezing Dallas morning.  I haven’t stopped moving for a minute either, rushing from work meetings to a teacher parent conference.  I found myself getting home and craving a comforting winter meal that didn’t take long to prepare. This one dish penne hits the spot.  I created […] Read Full Post

Restaurant Style Guacamole Recipe for Superbowl Sunday

Ever wonder why guacamole you order in a restaurant is so amazing? The avocados are perfectly green ripe and the flavor is the perfect balance of salty, tangy and creamy. I visited Uncle Julio’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant in Dallas, where they take their guac making as seriously as I do.  I was surprised to learn three little secrets they use in the restaurant biz that I now incorporate into my […] Read Full Post

Make Dinner in a pinch using pantry and freezer basics

Shrimp and GritsLightened Up Shrimp and Grits Shelly Slater is an award winning news anchor for the ABC affiliate in Dallas. She’s also a wife and mother and balancing her busy work and life schedule means something’s gotta give…. usually a healthy dinner her family can sit down to after a long day.  She asked me to come to her home and help her find solutions for weeknight meals.  Haven’t we all […] Read Full Post

Mushroom Soup for Your Soul

mushroom soup final 1 Mushroom Soup is cozy and comforting on a cold winter day.  But did you know mushrooms can also help boost your mood?  Mushrooms are high in Vitamin D and studies show people with high levels of vitamin D are less likely to experience depression.  So now would be the ideal time to blitz up this delicious and hearty soup. Ingredients: 1 16oz package Baby Bella (Crimini) Mushrooms, washed and sliced […] Read Full Post