Dinner Reinvented featured on national tv show Emotional Mojo

If you haven’t checked out Emotional Mojo, it’s a national morning show that focuses on feel good news and lifestyle segments that are designed to empower and inspire.  Right up my alley.  They asked me to share a Dinner Reinvented recipe on their show and below you’ll find the clip and recipe.  I took a classic American dinner, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas, and transformed it into a classic Irish […] Read Full Post

Reinventing the Classic Cheeseburger

I’m on vacation at the beach and that calls for chill nights grilling out burgers.  Maybe it’s the Jewish mother in me, but I always make too much food! I have every intention of eating the leftovers, but a day old burger on a day old bun just doesn’t sound that inviting! But it makes for the perfect stratta.  Stratta is an Italian dish somewhere between a quiche and a  […] Read Full Post

Getting in Shape After Having a Baby

Two weeks after I had my second son, Kessler, I was back in the gym.  But I quickly got frustrated, my body wasn’t bouncing back as quickly as it did when I had my first son two years earlier.  And it wasn’t just the scale, I had a tough time getting tone and firm again.  I did this segment for AOL On and got some great tips from Dallas Equinox […] Read Full Post

Chicken Pot Pie Using Leftovers

I dreamed of snow days when I was in school, but now it’s my 3-year-old who is thrilled when we get one of these quick storms that leaves a layer of ice on the roads.  By the way, here in Dallas it was 80 degrees on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon it was 24! Today my hands will be full running after the kids instead of working, and there will […] Read Full Post

Make Lunch using Last Night’s Leftovers

Dinner leftovers tasty the next night, but with a little creativity they also make the best lunches! Save some money and reinvent last night’s dinner into a healthy and easy lunch dish.  Good Morning Texas asked me to share some of my recipes on this morning’s show and here’s what I came up with:
  • Chicken Fajitas: Chicken Lettuce Wrap.  Simply place sliced chicken and grilled veggies in a tortilla
 […] Read Full Post

How To Make Peanut Butter and Almond Milk

Have you ever looked at the ingredient label on a jar of peanut butter? Most of them contain a long list of preservatives and bonding agents like mono and dyglicerides (an animal or vegetable derived emulsifier) and other stuff I can’t pronounce.  It’s surprisingly easy to make your own.  On this Good Morning Texas segment I show you the simplest recipe for DIY peanut butter. I threw in another favorite, […] Read Full Post

The Easiest Meatball Recipe

Kofta is the Middle Eastern version of the traditional meatball and my father’s recipe can’t be beat!  He made these for us growing up, grilling them leisurely on Sunday afternoons.  Now I make them for my own children and nephews, and they’re still a hit! The pine nuts are my favorite part, they add a crunchy, buttery taste with every bite. On weeknights, the last thing I have time to […] Read Full Post

How to Make Couscous

Pasta is a dinnertime staple in my home, but I don’t always have time to boil the water and cook noodles.  When I need a side dish in minutes, I turn to couscous.  It’s actually pasta, but the grains are so tiny they only take minutes to cook.  Here are directions for the simplest method, steaming, which from beginning to end only takes 10 minutes.  Anything more than that and […] Read Full Post

How To Fondue

If your fondue pot is still in the original package, I’m giving you a reason to put that wedding present to good use! Good Morning Texas asked me to do a Fondue segment for a 60s themed show today.  Honestly, I’ve always found the traditional recipe a little bland.  Here is my version, using beer instead of white wine and adding thyme and garlic for extra flavor.  And swap out […] Read Full Post

Skinny Sake Martini

Planning a romantic night in for this Valentine’s Day? I’ve got a sexy, sweet and skinny cocktail you’re going to love.  This is one of my favorite drinks to order at Tei Tei, a dynamite sushi restaurant here in Dallas. They don’t take reservations, so we usually shimmy up to the bar, people watch and sip on one (or two) of these while we wait for a seat to open […] Read Full Post