Skinny Sake Martini

Planning a romantic night in for this Valentine’s Day? I’ve got a sexy, sweet and skinny cocktail you’re going to love.  This is one of my favorite drinks to order at Tei Tei, a dynamite sushi restaurant here in Dallas. They don’t take reservations, so we usually shimmy up to the bar, people watch and sip on one (or two) of these while we wait for a seat to open […] Read Full Post

Making Dinner Using Lunchbox Items, Part 1

Some weeks I can barely keep the fridge stocked well enough to make a healthy lunch for my son.  Then I realize string cheese and sliced turkey meat is practically all I’ve got and I need to get dinner on the table too!  I’ve created a few simple dinners using items I’d normally stuff in his lunchbox.  Good Morning Texas liked the idea so much, they asked me to do […] Read Full Post

Making Dinner Using Lunchbox Items

This is part two of my Good Morning Texas ‘lunchbox for dinner’ segment.  It’s not just about cold cuts, you can make a hot meal out of a few lunchbox staples and make it taste completely unique. In this recipe I used crushed pretzels as a breading for chicken, but you could easily use potato or tortilla chips, or even gold fish! And while I used carrot sticks as my […] Read Full Post

Making the Most of Your Groceries Whole Foods might be the most enticing grocery store I’ve been in.  Beautifully cut packaged fruit, olive bars, bulk nuts and smoked meats all look delicious when I’m hungry and shopping in a hurry!  But buying all those prepared foods can be a costly endeavor.  Here are some tips to grocery shopping and what I’ve found to be the best deals on products to buy versus make yourself at  […] Read Full Post

Beach Body Workout

Spring break is less than a month away and I am less than beach body ready.  We’ve had a surprisingly cold winter here in Texas, which means lots of hibernating and less outdoor exercising.  I asked fitness guru Courtney Corbeille to teach me a few of her signature moves to get in shape.  She is a Tony nominated dancer who also teaches at my Equinox.  I do this class now […] Read Full Post

Skinny Pina Colada

I’m dreaming of warm, sandy beaches and frothy, decadent cocktails.  I love to order a pina colada when I’m on vacation, but once I learned they were 650 calories it felt more like a guilty pleasure.  And I don’t want to feel guilty about anything when I’m on vacation, or when I’m enjoying a drink for that matter! Here is my lightened up version, it’s only 150 calories but has […] Read Full Post

A Romantic Dinner For Two

It’s freezing here in Texas and my husband’s been traveling a lot for work.  Braised short ribs are one of his favorite things to come home to, and one of my easiest meals to prepare.  This video is from a Good Morning Texas segment I did about creating a romantic dinner at home.  I started with a simple arugula and blood orange salad.  The main dish was braised short ribs  […] Read Full Post

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Filled with rich meat, soft rice and sweet tomato sauce, scooping a spoonful of these stuffed peppers is a weeknight delight.  My Mother made this Mediterranean dish almost weekly while we were growing up and now I continue the same tradition for my husband and children.  I had leftover cooked ground beef and rice from taco night so this was a cinch to assemble and cook.  The best part is […] Read Full Post

Easy, Crispy Fish Tacos

Dinner Reinvented was an idea I had when I was the Lifestyle and Entertainment Reporter for the CW affiliate in Dallas.  At the time I was working like crazy and I had a one-year-old at home.  I took recipes from my kitchen and shared them with my viewers.  Sponsored by grocery delivery, Artizone, it was the beginning of what this site is today.  Here’s one of my first segments, Fish […] Read Full Post

Middle Eastern Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Za’atar is a wild herb that’s especially popular in Israeli cooking. Mixed with sesame seeds, it’s like the Middle Eastern oregano.  You can use dried oregano if you can’t find za’atar in your grocery store, but it’s pretty easy to find now.  The most important part of this dish is roasting it with the skin and bone on.  It keeps white meat moist and super flavorful.  I serve it over […] Read Full Post