Diet Friendly Football Food

Watching a football game with friends wouldn’t be complete without something to nibble on.  But before you break out the cream cheese filled, bacon wrapped jalapeños (that sounds awesome too!) try some of these equally decadent but more healthful foods.  I am not a huge beer lover, so I lean towards a glass of wine or skinny cocktail for entertaining. If you’re watching calories, consider a light colored spirit like […] Read Full Post

Making the Most of Your Groceries: Tips for Not Wasting Food

We’ve all opened the fridge to cluttered shelves filled with half eaten leftovers.  If your New Year’s resolution is to eat more healthy food at home, your refrigerator may already be packed, and I want to help ensure you don’t waste one leafy green.  Below are my tips for maximizing the freshness of your food and cutting down on waste. It was featured multiple times on Good Morning Texas and […] Read Full Post

Black Cherry Bourbon Mash – The Perfect Drink to Enjoy By the Fire

    Bourbon is a trendy cocktail ‘of the moment’, but I’m not a big fan of sipping it neat.  Lucky for us, bourbon also mixes really well to make an awesome cocktail. Black cherry is a flavor that is rich and not overly sweet, so it’s perfect to mix with earthy, smokey bourbon. Give this drink a try, and cheers to you! Black Cherry Bourbon Mash 1.5 ounces bourbon […] Read Full Post

Snowman Marshmallows

In less than 15 seconds you can make these adorable little snowmen marshmallows. They’re perfect for popping on top of hot cocoa or placing on a skewer for s’mores.  The best part is it isn’t messy, so it’s perfect to make with the kids and not destroy your kitchen! 1 bag jumbo marshmallows powdered sugar Black and orange edible markers (I found mine here) Directions: Cut marshmallows in half horizontally. […] Read Full Post

Holiday Snack Mixes – Sweet, Spicy and Salty

The right snack can make any holiday get together a more festive occasion. Below are five recipes I’ve tested, and tasted, over and over again. They get better every time I pull these recipes out, usually because I add a few more M&M’s, marshmallows, and pretzels.  In my opinion, the best snack combination has both salty and sweet, crunchy and chewy. So grab a handful and give ’em a  try, […] Read Full Post

Sourdough Bread and Wild Mushroom Stuffing

I am always looking for the perfect side dish to bring to a potluck or serve to guests at home. Now that it’s cool outside and the holidays are in full swing, this sourdough bread and wild mushroom dish is a surprising take on a traditional stuffing. With the rich flavor of wild mushrooms, tangy sourdough bread and a hint of earthy rosemary, it will evoke the flavors and smells […] Read Full Post

Rainbow Mason Jar Salad

It’s officially November, which I find both exciting…. and stressful.  And when I get stressed I tend to eat more than I should, snacking on all the wrong things. And duh, it’s the holidays, which gives me an excuse to recipe test, taste, and taste some more.  This mason jar salad is perfect to keep in the fridge.  I cram all these gorgeous, vibrant veggies into one jar, then seal […] Read Full Post

Fall Entertaining Ideas and Tips

Fall-Table-Scape The minute I saw these gorgeous Golden Foliage plates from the At Home Store, I was ready to set the table and invite guests over! What I love about this design, is it will translate from the early fall months, through Halloween, Thanksgiving and into the colder months ahead.  Below are some of my entertaining tips so you can enjoy time with family and friends without the stress.  It’s a […] Read Full Post