Chicken Teriyaki and Stir Fry Vegetables

One of the healthiest, and easiest dinners you can make is a quick stir fry of chicken and vegetables. Here is how I make it in less than 30 minutes. Chicken Teriyaki and Stir Fry Vegetables 4 Chicken Breasts, marinated overnight in a premade teriyaki, I used this teriyaki 1 cup broccoli florets, trimmed 1 cup red bell pepper, cut into one inch pieces 1 cup zucchini, cut into one […] Read Full Post

Easy Weeknight Pasta with Shrimp and Peas

My fridge is bare and I have zero inspiration for dinner tonight? Does that sound familiar? Today was one of those days where every minute was scheduled and the last thing on my mind was what to cook for dinner. I always keep a few ingredients on hand so I can make dinner in a flash: pasta in the pantry, frozen peas and carrots, heavy cream. It’s all you need […] Read Full Post

Quick Tip: How to Peel And Devein Shrimp

If you’re cooking shrimp for dinner tonight you might be wondering what’s the quickest and easiest way to peel and devein shrimp. Follow these simple steps and you can get fresh shrimp cooking in no time. If you have some frozen shrimp (which I always keep in the freezer for last minute meals) Place them in a bowl and pour over luke warm water. After about 15 minutes, pour out […] Read Full Post

I Cooked a Brisket for 72 Hours: A Guide to Sous Vide

I’ve always wanted to try to Sous Vide, but it seemed complicated, fussy, not to mention expensive. So when I had the opportunity to try the Kitchen Gizmo Sous Vide Machine I knew it would be a fun experiment. Whenever I hear ‘cook for 72 hours’ in a recipe, I usually turn the page and look for another, quicker route. But this brisket came out so delicious, tender and flavorful, […] Read Full Post

Flank Steak Tacos – Tomatillo Salsa

Few things are as tasty and simple as street tacos. You don’t have to spend a ton of time marinating and slow cooking meat to get a flavorful taco with a delicious sauce. Here’s my simple flank steak taco recipe, I hope you’ll try it and give me your comments! Corn tortillas, fresh cilantro, sour cream, diced tomatoes for serving Flank Steak Marinade and How-To Tips Tomatillo Salsa 5 tomatillos, […] Read Full Post

Quick Tip: How to Cook Flank Steak

The next time you want a time saving beef entree, don’t overlook flank steak. It’s so simple to prepare and it’s versatile enough to use in place of ground beef for your tacos, a simple protein bowl with brown rice and avocado, or just simply on its own with steamed vegetables. My garlicky, juicy, grilled flank steak recipe will be a hit, guaranteed (especially if you serve it with a […] Read Full Post

Cauliflower Mac n Cheese

The only thing that could make mac n cheese better would be to sneak in some added nutrition. I’m not a fan of hiding vegetables in classic dishes, but this cauliflower mac n cheese is so creamy, cheesy and delicious that my kids actually ask for it over the traditional recipe. Give it a try and I promise you’ll only make this recipe when you’re craving weeknight comfort food. Cauliflower  […] Read Full Post

Trendy: What’s New on the Culinary Scene

Purple Cauliflower Steaks – photo courtesy and recipe adapted from Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil I went to the regular grocery store, not even a specialty store like Whole Foods, but H-E-B and Tom Thumb (called Safeway in other cities) and I saw such a variety of new foods on grocery shelves, including purple vegetables. Purple cauliflower, purple asparagus, purple carrots, they’re beautiful and delicious! Other foods that are becoming […] Read Full Post

Quick Tip: How to Get Kids to Eat More Veggies

My boys adore what I call ‘yellow food’ – cheese pizza, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, did I mention cheese? And I’m okay with indulging in those yummy foods, who doesn’t love comfort foods? But I want my kids to eat all fruits and vegetables and get a variety of nutrients and flavors into their diets. So here are my tips for getting kids to try new vegetables:
  • Start young:
 […] Read Full Post