Switch Up Your Lunchbox Routine!

Sushi-Sandwich-Final Right about now you’re slapping some mayo on a couple slices of bread, throwing in some turkey and calling it lunch.  That’s not just a sorry excuse for a sandwich, it’s also a boring way to break up mid-day monotony! Lunch is to be celebrated people, so let’s rethink even the simplest lunchtime staple, the turkey sandwich, and add some crunch and flavor.  I love to make these ‘Sushi Sandwiches’, […] Read Full Post

Superfood Mini Muffins and Other Healthy Snacks

Superfood Mini MuffinsSuperfood Mini Muffins When it comes to after school snacking, I’m weak.  ‘Can I have a marshmallow?’ ‘Sure’, is usually my response. But with healthy little bites like these Superfood Mini Muffins, I know my children will reach for these instead! You know I’m not a baker, so if I can make these from scratch,  I swear you can too.  We’ve all heard about the benefits of eating quinoa and […] Read Full Post

Quick and Easy Weekday Breakfasts

yogurt parfait Over the summer I fell into a lazy breakfast routine of feeding the kids a simple scrambled egg and toast, or a bowl of cereal.  Well, my kids are over it and now that the school year is in full swing I’m determined to plan ahead and cook healthy breakfast foods everyone will enjoy.  Last night my son even helped bake delicious pumpkin muffins stuffed with cream cheese and he […] Read Full Post

Easy School Night Dinner Ideas

Pasta w Shrimp and PeasEASY PASTA WITH SHRIMP AND PEAS Mornings are orchestrated chaos, getting the kids off to school with their books and notes and a packed lunch.  Then you get home and realize, what’s for dinner? On nights when I have’t had a moment to think about dinner, let alone get to the grocery store and shop, I turn to this easy Pasta with Shrimp and Peas.  It’s the most comforting meal […] Read Full Post

Easy Weeknight Meals with Superfood Sweet Potatoes

Think sweet potatoes are just for the holidays? I was challenged by a local TV station to create some dishes that are anything but the ordinary baked sweet potato with brown sugar or marshmallows.  And do you know how healthy these little spuds are? They have over 200% Vitamin A, and high amounts of Vitamin B, beta carotin, potassium and antioxidants.  And they couldn’t be easier to prepare.  I like  […] Read Full Post

A Tropical Getaway Without Leaving Home

Coconut shrimp I wish I could say I took a long vacation with my husband this summer. I wish I could say I’ve had any type of getaway at all recently! But alas, work has kept me busy and homebound and I’m looking for an escape route.  I created these recipes inspired by the tropics so I could have a date night with my husband.  While you can tell I’ve been on […] Read Full Post

Cooking with Tequila and Recipes Inspired by National Tequila Day

resized tequila chicken It’s National Tequila Day and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate than shaking up a perfect margarita! But instead of just sipping it, I wanted to share the easiest recipes for cooking  with Tequila.  It adds a smokey, oaky flavor that works well with grilled chicken and making it ahead of time and marinating overnight makes weeknight cooking a snap.  And don’t worry if you’re cooking for kids,  […] Read Full Post

Skinny Summer Drinks and Treats

Have you smelled the peaches lately, or tasted a ripe, juicy strawberry? They’re amazing! I love summer fruit and what better way to highlight their beauty than elegant summer drinks? Whether it’s strawberry lemonade, a cherry, peach ginger sangria or a refreshing watermelon and mint infused water, here are some simple recipes to enjoy at any family BBQ or get together with friends.  The first step to a fantastic drink […] Read Full Post

Healthier Summer Entertaining

Summer is the perfect time to lighten up our dishes, but that can be a challenge when we’re grilling juicy burgers, munching on decadent french fries and gobbling up sweet pies and cobblers.  I’ve lightened up some of my favorite dishes and featured them on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas. Here is what I made, from appetizers to dessert! Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.15.26 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.16.12 PM Spinach Artichoke Dip 1 cup Miracle Whip Dressing, Fat Free 1 8oz […] Read Full Post

Skinny Cucumber Ginger Mojito

Summer is finally in full swing, and nothing sounds better on a Friday afternoon than cutting out of work a little early and mixing up a mojito.  This is my take on the classic cocktail, using light ginger beer and muddled cucumbers, and leaving out the sugar or high calorie sodas.  My ‘skinny’ version is just 180 calories!  You can make a big batch in a pitcher, then pour into […] Read Full Post