Fun Texas Facts with Ozarka, the Official Water of Southlake Carroll Dragons

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Football and Texas are synonymous, the same way tailgating with foods like brisket sliders and Ozarka Texas Spring Water remind us of our Texas roots.  I teamed up with Ozarka and hit a Southlake Carroll Football pre game tailgating bash.  I tested fans to see how much they know about our great state.  You might be surprised to learn these fun facts.  See my Q&A below.  And pick up a bottle of Ozarka Spring Water, it’s Texas born and makes me Texas Proud!

Q: What’s the State snack of Texas?

A: Chips and Salsa (of course!)


Q: How many state championships Southlake Carroll has won?

A: 8!!!! (Can you believe they’ve won that many? This season they’re undefeated!)


Q: Where is Ozarka Spring Water Sourced and Bottled?

A: Hawkins, Texas. That’s just 100 miles from Dallas.  1,400 employees across Texas work to bottle and distribute Ozarka, so every time you pick up a bottle you’re supporting our local economy

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Share what you think makes Texas truly special by using the hashtag #TexasTradition and tell Ozarka why you love this Lone Star State!



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