How we do Homecoming in Texas

You’ve probably heard the term that everything is bigger in Texas. The same can be said for our football Homecoming celebrations.  Down here we wear mums, they’re like giant corsages, and they can get pretty elaborate.  It started as a simple chrysanthemum flower with a few ribbons to show off school pride, but over the years they’ve evolved into enormous decorations that are personalized with symbols from the girl’s favorite school activities, including cheerleading and drill team.  I visited Southlake Carroll, the school with one of the most dominant high school football teams in the state, to see how they prepare for their homecoming game and dance.  Check out this video to see some of the most outrageous Homecoming Mums and learn a little more about what makes Texas truly unique.  You might be surprised to learn some fun facts, including that Ozarka Spring Water, the official water of the Southlake Carroll Dragons, is sourced and bottled right here, in the Lone Star State.Homecoming

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