2019 Food Trends You Can Make At Home


Sweet Potato Toast

Food trends come and go, but one ‘trend’ that isn’t slowing down is the idea of real food, clean and simple. Diets like Keto, Whole30 and Paleo all emphasize higher fats (the good kinds like unrefined coconut oil and avocado oil) lower carbs or clean carbs like sweet potatoes. As we begin to understand more about what goes into our food, consumers are hungry for products they can feel good about buying and eating. So nutrition labels with ingredients we can recognize and pronounce are important. And while the diets I mentioned above are strict ad restrictive, recipes like this Sweet Potato Toast are making their way to restaurant menus nationwide. This was the technique I used for the sweet potato toast. It’s simple to prepare in advance, once cooked you can store in the fridge and pop them in the toaster for a clean, veggie packed toast you can feel good about eating. I top mine with avocado slices, sheep’s milk feta or roasted chickpeas for a delicious and filling lunch.

Keto Cheese Cake Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

The Keto diet is still holding strong and social media and #fatbomb shows so many beautiful and tasty recipes, I want to try them all.  This recipe above was so simple, equal parts cream cheese, peanut butter and coconut oil, whipped in the mixer and then frozen for 15 minutes, or until stiff enough to roll into balls.  I melted equal parts keto friendly chocolate chips with coconut oil and drizzled it on top. Back in the fridge until hardened and it’s a delicious dessert you can feel good about.
Here are some other fat bomb recipes that looked equally easy and tasty.

Let me know what other trends you’re seeing in grocery stores and in restaurants, I’m always on the hunt for what’s new and, of course, delicious.

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