How to Pick the Right Tomatoes



How to Pick the Right Tomatoes

It’s the sad truth that most of the tomatoes that we get from the grocery store are picked when they’re bright green. They are then put in a warehouse and ripened by blasting them with gas so that they turn red and they ripen, that’s why they have no flavor. 

Here are a few tips to help you buy the right tomatoes and store them so they’re really juicy and delicious. 

  • Shop Local & In Season – there’s a better chance local tomatoes are ripened on the vine and in most states, tomatoes grow only in the summer. 
  • Choose Organic – Tomatoes are one of the fruits that absorb the most pesticides so buying organic hopefully means that there are fewer chemicals that remain after washing.
  • Don’t Refrigerate – leave them out so that they ripen, once they’re in the fridge, all of the flavor is lost, that’s a big one.

A great tomato is a summer gem. It may take a little bit of hunting to find a good one but once you taste the way that it’s supposed to, it’s unlike anything else.


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