Making the Most of Your Groceries: Tips for Not Wasting Food


We’ve all opened the fridge to cluttered shelves filled with half eaten leftovers.  If your New Year’s resolution is to eat more healthy food at home, your refrigerator may already be packed, and I want to help ensure you don’t waste one leafy green.  Below are my tips for maximizing the freshness of your food and cutting down on waste. It was featured multiple times on Good Morning Texas and I’ve received a lot of comments on how many people it’s already helped! I hope you find them equally helpful in saving money and making the most out of what you’ve bought, Happy New Year, here’s to your health!
Ice Cube trays – classic ice cube trays can be really useful for storing leftover liquids.  Only used a cup of chicken broth? Pour the rest in ice cube trays, then pop out the cubes and store in a freezer bag. The next time you need some broth, you have individually sized cubes to thaw easily. Same goes for leftover coffee. Instead of pouring the rest of the pot down the drain, pour into ice cube molds and freeze. It makes delicious iced coffee and the cubes won’t dilute your drink (It also makes a killer cocktail).
Herbs – Keeping herbs in the original package will make them spoil quickly.  Instead, place green onions in a mason jar and fill with an inch of water. Wrap the plastic bag over it to avoid freezer burn. For herbs like parsley or dill, wash them, wrap in a damp, clean paper towel and then store in a plastic bag.
Ground Meat – Keeping meat in the original package won’t keep it fresh for long in the freezer.  Transfer to a freezer ziplock bag, flatten it out and then mark grooves into a square shape so you can get individual portions to thaw. Here is another example of how to do it
Wrap cheese blocks in parchment – It keeps it nice and fresh for longer!
Ripe bananas – another freezer hack. Peel them and toss them in a freezer ziplock. These are great for smoothies any time!

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