Quick Tip: Ground Turkey vs. Beef


Ground Beef vs Ground Turkey, which one is better for you?
Turkey has the reputation for being healthier than beef, but here are some stats that may surprise you. Per ounce, ground dark turkey meat and ground beef have pretty much the same calories, fat, including saturated, and protein. Plus, grass fed and free range beef is readily available at most grocery stores, while humane turkey is almost impossible to find. If you really want a lower fat and healthier version, make sure you are picking up ground turkey breast, which is virtually fat free and save you around 100 calories per serving. Just load up on seasoning, because it can dry out easily.
Ground Beef (85% lean) Per serving:
220 Calories
7.5g Fat
3.1g saturated fat
22.3g Protein
Ground Dark Meat Turkey Per Serving:
215 Calories
9.7g Fat
2.5g Saturated Fat
22g Protein

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