Quick Tips: Foods that Naturally Cool Body Temp


Fall is almost here, but the summer heat is still lingering in the South. These are some foods that have natural cooling properties to bring your body temp down when you’re feeling overheated.

  • Watermelon: It’s 92% water, plus it keeps you fuller, longer, so you’re less likely to reach for salty or sugary foods that can dehydrate you
  • Fennel Seeds: Soak them in water overnight, then strain out the seeds and drink the water. It naturally cools you from the inside out
  • Coconut Water: Has more electrolytes than Gatorade or any other sports drink on the shelves. It replenishes the body’s natural salts, keeping you hydrated and cool
  • Cucumbers: Cooling and hydrating, they also reduce bloating and help you flush extra water you may be retaining

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