The Best Guacamole for your Superbowl Party


Ever wonder why restaurant guacamole is so amazing? The avocados are perfectly green and the flavor is the perfect balance of salty and tangy and creamy. I visited Uncle Julio’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant in Dallas, where they take their guac making as seriously as I do.  I was surprised to learn three little secrets they use in the restaurant biz that I now incorporate into my home recipe.
First, at restaurants, they refrigerate their avocados.  This ensures firm, yet ripe avocados that won’t brown easily (nothing is more devastating than cutting into an avo and the whole thing is ruined!)
Second, they swap out lime juice for lemon juice, which is sweeter and less sour.  So you get the bright citrus flavor without the tartness.
And the biggest difference is they make a paste out of raw garlic and olive oil.  This is a real game changer.  

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