Skinny Cucumber Ginger Mojito

Summer is finally in full swing, and nothing sounds better on a Friday afternoon than cutting out of work a little early and mixing up a mojito.  This is my take on the classic cocktail, using light ginger beer and muddled cucumbers, and leaving out the sugar or high calorie sodas.  My ‘skinny’ version is just 180 calories!  You can make a big batch in a pitcher, then pour into individual glasses for guests. Or you can chill on your back patio and welcome in the weekend in relaxed style, which is exactly what I plan on doing right now.  Send me your cocktail ideas and what you’d like to see lightened up, Skinny Cocktails are my specialty.



A few unpeeled slices of cucumber (I use English cucumbers because they have tiny seeds that won’t get stuck in your straw)

Quarter lime

Handful fresh mint leaves

1.5 ounces Rum

.5 once Domaine de Canton Ginger Liquor

Light Ginger Beer


In a large cocktail shaker add the cucumbers, mint and lime (squeeze the lime first). Muddle using the back of a spoon until the cucumber is smashed and the mixture smells fragrant. Add the rum and ginger liquor, then fill the shaker with ice and shake about 15 times.  Pour into a tall glass, then top with ginger beer.  Enjoy!

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