Got Milk: What’s the Difference?

There’s an interesting debate going on right now between cow’s milk producers and makers of plant based milk alternatives like soy, almond and coconut. Dairy milk producers want the FDA to crack down, ensuring only cow’s milk can be labeled ‘milk’.  That may be because dairy milk sales are down almost 50% compared to a decade ago, while sales of nut milks like almond are sky rocketing. I thought I’d […] Read Full Post

Purple Super Foods – Why You Should Try them Now

Violet hued fruits and vegetables seem to be having their moment doctors, nutritionist and health bloggers are including them in their diet and here’s why you should too! Anthocyanins help protect your cell walls and studies show they can help fight off cancer and disease. Purple fruits and veggies are rich in anthcyanins so they taste delicious and are even more nutritious. Purple carrots, cauliflower, striped purple eggplant, red onions, […] Read Full Post

Bacon Bar – The Essential Recipes to Wow Guests

Bacon. I promise if you set out any appetizer with bacon in it, your guests will leave you alone in the kitchen (instead of hovering over your shoulder, asking a million questions, keeping you in that kitchen even longer!) and entertain themselves (whew!). I think this Bacon Bar is brilliant, if I say so myself. I teamed up with Smithfield, the bacon kings, to create this amazing spread that highlights […] Read Full Post

Latkes – Taste Tested and Perfected Hanukkah Potato Pancakes

I finally created the perfect potato pancake. After years of experimenting with different potatoes, onions, flours and oils, I have come up with the one and only recipe you’ll ever need for Hanukkah latkes. Traditional latkes call for matzoh meal, which I find to make the pancakes soggy and onions, which is overpowering to both my kitchen and my stomach. Ditch the onions, matzoh meal and vegetable oil and try […] Read Full Post

Last Minute Homemade Holiday Gifts

If you’ve forgotten anyone on your holiday gift giving list, I can’t think of anything more personal than a gift basket filled with beautifully hand selected items, from candles to picture frames. And even better is to include a homemade element, like peppermint bark or homemade scones. Here are some of my favorite edible gifts to give for the holidays. Each one goes with a themed gift basket designed entirely […] Read Full Post

Thanksgiving Flavored Snacks: Taste Test

If you’ve been to a Trader Joe’s or the snack aisle of any grocery store, you know that brands are willing to do anything to get you in the holiday spirit (and spending). Here is a taste test of several Thanksgiving flavored snacks, from Turkey and Gravy Flavored Kettle Chips, to apple pie cheddar cheese and sugar cookie flavored popcorn and what the host from the nationally syndicated Eyeopener TV […] Read Full Post

Cup of Content: Cornbread – 1 Batter = 6 Recipes

Cornbread is the Texan version of a dinner roll (not to mention the leftovers make a killer cornbread stuffing), i’s a must at the Thanksgiving table. But everyone has their favorite version. I make a double batch of batter, then customize with your favorite flavor. To keep from getting multiple mixing bowl dirty, I scoop out the basic cornbread mix directly into a greased muffin tin. I sprinkle my topping […] Read Full Post

Roasted Carrot and Ginger Soup

Leftovers never seem as appetizing as a freshly made dish. I love reviving my roasted carrots by turning it into a luscious soup. This silky, creamy and vibrantly colored soup only uses five ingredients, just blend and devour. 1 lb roasted carrots 1 cup vegetable stock 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk 1 1-inch thick knob of fresh ginger 1 tbsp smoked sweet paprika (salt and pepper to taste) Directions: Place […] Read Full Post

Cup of Content: How to Make Maple Syrup Roasted Carrots

Need a last minute side dish for Thanksgiving {or tonight, because, if you’re like me, you didn’t go to the store and have nothing in the fridge that’s healthy?!?}. These maple glazed carrots are so simple,  they become carmelized and sugary sweet. Who wouldn’t want this any night of the week? Maple Syrup Roasted Carrots 2 lbs peeled carrots, sliced on a diagonal, 1 inch thick 1/4 cup extra virgin […] Read Full Post