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Roasted Brussels Sprouts on the Stalk with Bacon and Cranberries

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with crispy, salt bacon and chewy, sweet cranberries, do I need to go on any more? I loved trying this recipe for the first time while filming because it was exciting to get outside my comfort zone! I have bought these beauties on the stalk before, but I always cut them off and roast them on a sheet pan. This time I thought, why not leave it whole and see what happens? The result was the most incredibly crunchy exterior with […]
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Roasted Vegetable Soup in Less Than 5 Minutes

If you watched my video on how to make the most delicious Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables you might be wondering what to do with all the leftovers. In less than 5 minutes you can have this hearty and flavorful soup.  I top it with crisped chicken sausage for protein and to check the box of a complete meal, but you could always leave it out for a vegetarian option. Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Soup 2 cups of roasted vegetables. This was the […]
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Irresistible Deviled Egg Recipes

Spring is synonymous with eggs, both Passover and Easter use them as a symbol of life and rebirth. On our Passover table we always have a charred egg on the seder plate, symbolizing springtime and renewal and we offer a hard boiled egg with salt water as an appetizer. I thought this year I would make classic, herby deviled eggs using another Passover staple, parsley. The bitter herb is also featured on the seder plate so I combined them both for […]
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Chinese New Year: Dumpling Recipes and Entertaining Tips

Chinese New Year begins today and it’s easier than you think to celebrate at home! Dumplings are one of the traditional dishes always served at a Chinese New Year feast (along with long noodles, the longer they are supposedly the longer you’ll live!) and they are simple to prepare. If you don’t have a steamer basket, try using your vegetable steamer, if you don’t have cabbage leaves, try using parchment paper so the […]
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Chicken Marsala – And Reinvented Chicken Marsala Panini

Chicken Marsala with Pan Roasted Fingerling Potatoes 4 chicken breast, trimmed, sliced horizontally and then pounded thin with a mallet (tip, place a towel under the cutting board, and plastic wrap over the chicken) 1 small package baby bella mushrooms, washed and sliced quarter inch thin 12 shitake mushrooms, stems removed and sliced 1/2 cup flour 1 cup chicken stock 1 cup marsala wine salt and pepper to taste 1 unsalted butter several tbsp. […]
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Sheet Pan Mediterranean Roasted Carrots and Acorn Squash

Carrots and Acorn Squash are even more flavorful when roasted along with these warm Mediterranean and classic Middle Eastern spices. I tossed them in coriander and cumin, extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper and roasted them on a sheet pan to make the most incredible healthy side dish. Try this for a weeknight dinner along with chicken, on top of a salad or puree the leftovers into a hearty soup (recipe coming soon!). 1 lb tri colored carrots, […]
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Healthy Tips for Keeping your Fitness Resolution

Staying on track of your health and fitness goals isn’t as simple as just working out a couple days a week.  I think losing weight and keeping it off is 20% fitness and 80% nutrition so keeping healthy snacks on hand is crucial for staying energized and feeling full all day long.  Here are some of the things I keep on track and why they help me.
  • 32oz Nalgene Water Bottle: Of all the new plastic water bottles Ive tried, my classic Nalgene
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