Carnitas Tacos with Leftover Pork

If you watched this week’s Pozole Video  and hopefully you made it, you probably have a lot of leftovers. I turned the leftovers into the easiest Carnitas Tacos by simply draining the liquid, spreading out the slow braised pork onto a parchment lined baking sheet, drizzling a little olive oil and crisping up the edges under the broiler. I char the corn tortillas over an open flame and then I’m ready to assemble. Here is what you need and some of the toppings I love:

Carnitas Tacos

1 – 2 lbs slow cooked pulled pork, here is the recipe for mine

6-8 corn tortillas

The following garnishes are my favorites:

sliced jalapeños

lime wedges

chopped cilantro

cotija cheese, crumbled

diced radishes

diced red onion (or you could do pickled onions for a more mild flavor)

Chipotle Tabasco

Cold Beer for drinking 🙂

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