Quick Tip: Summer Bar Essentials


Summer is officially here and I can’t imagine a better reason to mix up a fruit infused cocktail or chill a bottle of wine and invite friends over. I wanted to share some entertaining tips on how I set up my summer bar. The most stressful part of entertaining is the idea of running around catering to your friends and not being able to enjoy the party yourself. I set up my bar before guests arrive, then leave it up to them to make a drink, help themselves to whatever you have out (and put away the stuff you don’t want them getting in to!) and sit back and chill out.

One tip I can’t recommend enough is to keep a big dispenser, full of ice water, out on the counter. That way you aren’t rushing to fill up pitchers or refilling guests glasses. So break out the gin, vodka, tequila and mixers and enjoy a toast to summer! 

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